Mölkky® Gaming Photo Competition

We are updating the molkky.com website to be more community-oriented and would like to share your active player gaming moments there, as well as on the Mölkky® Game’s social media channels. 

Send us a photo of an engaging Mölkky® gaming moment, and you could win a new Finger-Sized Mini Mölkky® Game.

  • We will draw 10 Mini Mölkky® Games among all participants

  • Competition is running from May 14th to May 26th 2024. 

Note! By participating in the competition, you agree to its rules and grant the organizer the right to use the photo(s) you submit. Please remember to request permission for publication from any other individuals appearing in the photo(s).

Read the full competition rules below.

Participation form: 

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    We will contact the winners personally and ask for contact information via email.

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    1. Competition organizer

    Company name: Tactic Games 

    VAT number FI01357407 

    Address PL 4444, Raumanjuovantie 2, 28101 Pori, Finland 

    2. Competition start and end date and eligibility for participation

    The competition starts on 14 May 2024 and ends on 26 May 2024, midnight. The competition is international and open to everyone. If there is reason to suspect that a participant in the competition has participated fraudulently or in violation of these rules, Tactic Games Oy has the right to reject participation. We do not consider inappropriate pictures/participations. 

    3. Participation 

    Participation in the competition is done by sending a photo (or photos) of your own Mölkky® gaming moment using the attached form and giving the right to publish them to the competition organizer (Tactic Games). You can participate with more than 1 photo, but you can only send one at a time / form.

    4. Selection of winners and timing

    The winners of the competition are chosen by lottery by the organizer of the competition. If a winner is not reached within a week, Tactic Games Oy has the right to choose another winner instead. The winners will be announced on the www.molkky.fi website, as well as on the Mölkky® game’s Instagram account (@molkky) and/or on the Facebook page (@OriginalMolkky). The winners of the awards will be announced on Monday May 27th 2024.

    5. Prizes

    10 Mini Mölkky Games will be drawn among all participants. The prizes will be sent to the address and country indicated by the winner. The competition organizer pays the shipping costs.  

    6. The rules apply to all participants

    By participating in the competition, participants agree to follow the official rules of the competition.  

    7. Processing of personal data

    Tactic Games processes the data of the participants in the competition only for implementation to the competition and for handing over the prizes. Tactic Games does not disclose the participants’ personal data outside to third parties. See the Privacy Statement here.

    8. Publication of winners’ names  

    Contest participants grant the contest organizer (Tactic Games) the right to publish the winners’ first name, surname and country on the molkky.com website and on official Mölkky social media channels. 

    9. Responsibilities of the organizer and the competition participant

    Tactic Games Oy is responsible for any lottery tax related to the prizes. Participants absolve Tactic Games Oy and any other partners of the competition from any damage caused or alleged to have been caused by participating in this competition. The organizer’s responsibility towards the participants cannot under any circumstances exceed the value or amount of the prizes mentioned in these rules. Tactic Games is not responsible for problems or obstacles in participating in the competition or receiving the prize due to IT reasons. The winner is responsible for all other possible additional costs related to receiving the prize or its implementation. 

    10. Rights to material submitted within the framework of the competition

    By entering this contest, the participants warrants that they have personally created the visual material (“gaming photo”) that they submitted to the competition. The participant guarantees and answers that the competition material or its utilization does not violate the law, good manners, the rights of third parties, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, honor, privacy or trade secrets or is otherwise contrary to these rules. Photos must be genuine and must not be, for example, created by artificial intelligence. By participating in this competition, the participant gives Tactic Games the right to use the competition material on their websites and social media channels (Tactic Games and Mölkky®), as well as in their marketing materials.

    It should be noted that: 

    • In connection with the pictures, the person who took the picture is not mentioned separately. 
    • No monetary compensation is paid for the use of the images. 
    • The right to use the competition material is transferred to the competition organizer (Tactic Games / Mölkky®). 

    11. Other conditions

    By participating in this competition, the participant undertakes to comply with these rules and Tactic Games Oy decisions made on the basis of them. Tactic Games reserves the right to change the rules. In addition to the rules of the competition, participants undertake to comply with the terms of use of services independent of Tactic Games, such as Facebook or Instagram, which may be related to the competition. Any competitions organized by Tactic Games Oy on Facebook or Instagram are not organized, supported or sponsored by Facebook or Instagram and therefore the participant will release Facebook and Instagram from all liability regarding the contests.  

    More information about the competition via email: marketing(at)tactic.net 


    Finger Sized Fun!

    Mölkky® is a fun combination of chance and skill that’s quick to learn and exciting to play.

    This Mini sized skittle-throwing game offers players a great opportunity to enjoy a little competition with friends and family indoors.

    Peli is Finnish and it means game, Minipeli = mini game.